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Welcome to Sven Åke Svenson's website, where you can see oil paintings in the romantic
landscape tradition - motives from Sweden and Southern Europe.
"Bäckviken, Ven", Scania, Sweden -   Acrylic, 230x370 mm

In the romantic tradition
Sven Åke Svenson lives in the southeastern corner of Sweden called Österlen where he has his studio and gallery. He earlier worked for 15 years as an open air painter, working outdoors all year round.

Today he works in his studio inspired by the romantic landscape tradition. He uses thin toned layers and glazes which create a transparent effect. This technique was used as early as the 17th century by dutch artists. Sven Åke takes his motives from the coast between Åhus and Kåseberga and he also works in Bohus and southern Europe.

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Saatchionline in Chinatown Los Angeles, USA is the world's largest online art gallery. They display a hundred paintings by Sven-Åke Svenson, with motifs from Provence, Tuscany, Austria, Switzerland, Greece, Denmark, Bohuslän and Österlen. The paintings are in slightly different formats. You can order color reproductions of high quality on canvas and paper from Saatchionline at reasonable prices.

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In Haväng

Through lonely landscape a river runs seaward
and burrows down between the green banks.
A last grave barrow on the beach
waves its goodbye, half buried in sand.

Thinning remains of a now long gone wood
are as a harp for the hard easterly.
The harsh ground whispers a promise:
Stone Pinks have remained true to this place.

All on their own live these hills.
Sand Martins swing up out of their earthy holes.
An amulet, born on a chain of memories,
where Sea and Meadow by their very name, give scent.

In lonesome company I shall often think
of this simple jewel of nature.
An amulet, born on a chain of memories,
where Sea and Meadow by their very name, give scent.
Anders Österling    1884 - 1981
(Translation Ann Thulin, 2009)

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