From the newspaper Norra Skåne in 1976
Poetry and painting hand in hand in a declaration of love to Österlen
Sometimes you feel happy. Like the other day when the book "Poetry and open air painting in Skåne" appeared on my desk. An unpretentious collection of poetic observations -- for both ear and eye -- and at the same time an intensive declaration of love to Skåne in general, and Österlen in particular. Artfully intertwined, pictures and poetry create a strengthened impression where the viewer - reader is experiencing bliss and the printed text suddenly almost becomes reality. The brilliant poetry by Anders Österling and the impressionistic art by the artist Sven-Åke Svenson from the village of Olseröd. The preface, a short description of Österlen, was written by the the Simrishamn journalist Pontus Persson.

Why be expecially happy about this book? Well, it takes the poetry a step forward. It helps to spread the emotional experience in an otherwise cold and materialistic world. It gives us a chance to dream.

For my own part, I like the combination of poetry and picture. Especially when it comes to Anders Österling, whose poetry is very dear to my heart. Sven-Åke svenson is new to me, an artist whom I would like to see more of. His low-key landscapes go hand in hand with Österlings visions and in combination they give a three-dimensional view of the lyric reality.

Sven-Åke svenson is also a poet, in his art. His ethereal landscapes are wrapped in a romantic sheen. He sees reality as it really is; undescribable, boundlessly bueatiful.The interplay in nature, the skies and the sea, the fertile fields of golden ryes, the small fishing villages which clinging to the steep shore. He paints with his heart.

This is paired with Anders Österlings unforgettable poetry. Sven-Åke Svenson has chosen the poems (with the permission of the poet), and his choices are harmonious.
We find poems like "While looking at a strand of rye", "Easter at the sea", "In Haväng", "A few moments", and "Meadow lands"

The last named goes as follows:

Our time
which comes bountifully
sows for better or for worse,
it's seed,
you only are the same
year after year
with scents and silent trees.

A piece of land on this earth
'mongst all the names a name --
It quiets the torrential words,
old yearnings see my embrace

That dream will I live for,
that gives the quiet which within,
when e'er I listen hear
the plovers ringing call

The positive impression is furthermore enhanced by a tasteful presentation, due mainly to a simple, clean layout by Elsa Lakholm-Svenson. Poetry and Open Air Painting in Skåne, by Sven-Åke Svenson
is available in bookstores at a price of about 20:SEK.

Lars G. Ruhr

Letters from author Anders Österling
April 25th, 1976, Stockholm

Mister Artist!

Great thanks for the beautiful book.
I appreciate getting to know your beautiful Österlen inspired paintings, of which I was not previously aware. In appreciation for the loan of my poetry I would gladly receive a few copies to give away as gift if this would be convenient for you.

with friendly greetings,
Anders Österling
May 22nd, 1976, Stockholm

Mister Artist!

Heartfelt thanks for your gracious gift of a graphic print which I greatly appreciate, both for its artistic quality and for the motive with the "half door", so characteristic of farmers´ life in Skåne and also a fond childhood memory of mine.

Yours, Anders Österling

Anders Österling

Author, literature historian, Ph.D.
Member of the swedish Academy of litterature, chair 13 years 1919-1981. Secretary of the academy 1941-1964.
Svenska dagbladet 1969
Sven-Åke Svenson, at "modern art in home environment", is a young painter from Skåne who use very interesting coloristic phenomena in his pictures. He seems to have started from a super- realism (trompe-lóeil effects) in still life's, interiors and landscapes, and by the use of stronger color densities, gone over to a type of realism with enhanced intensities of light and color, His interiors with lamps show these article phenomena and sliding effects which also appear in the strong outdoor greenery. It is a fresh artistry, and at the same time very romantic.
Beate Sydhoff
Beate Sydhoff is an art historian, she has been cultural attaché at the Swedish Embassy in Washington. She has also been director of the house of arts in Stockholm and program director for the "Capital of Art year" of 1998. She is the permanent secretary of the Academy of Art in Stockholm.
Newspaper Sala Allehanda 2000
Landscapes from Skåne are shown in the Round window at the Aguéli museum during the next three weeks. The painter is Sven-Åke Svenson, who himself lives in the Österlen district of skåne.

Sven-Åke Svenson had his first exhibition in Skåne in the sixties, after some years as a student of the artist Frans Lundberg from Kristianstad. He started the "Österlen art week" 1968.

Luminist painter

Sven-Åke Svenson, who is born 1942, has been inspired by American landscape painting, especially the luminists.

Already at a young age, he was fascinated by the author and philosopher Ralph Waldo Emerson and his way of reasoning, which influenced the luminists. Emersons thoughts about man and nature qualifies him to been seen as an environmentalist long before the present
environmental movement. On the topic of his own paintings, Sven-Åke Svenson says that he wants them to be useful as small windows to the landscape. The viewer should be able to placidly find rest and peace, find his inner room, and for a moment forget everyday stresses.

Super realism paintings

The exhibition which is shown in the "round window", which is vernissaged Tomorrow Saturday, shows motives from Österlen. It shows the interplay of heavens, sea and land, beaches and fishing villages, Sven-Åke Svenson paints in a super-realistic style. He shows nature as it is, both beautiful and vulnerable.
Emerson wrote "In the nature painting, the artist should give us a presentiment of a more beautiful creation than the one that we know". That is an apt description of the artistry of Sven-Åke Svenson.
The exhibition vill be open until March, 12th.

Ingalill Forss-Norberg